Nebiolo Colora 7000 Sheetfed Press

 6 color + Aqueous

min. sht size 23”x35”

max. sht size 43”x63”

max. image area 41”x61”

Miller TP-104 Sheetfed Press

 6 color + Aqueous

min. sht. Size 14.25”x20.5” 

max. sht. Size 28.375”x41” 

max. image area 26.875”x40.5”

Common C1S Litho substrates : 

70# Litho ,80# Litho, 100# Litho 

Common Asitrade substrates :

10pt. SBS / 12pt. SBS

Litho Label Mounting Machines


Crathern Smith FMC Label mounting machines

Max. sht. Size 45”x66” 

min. sht. Size 4”x12.5” 

Glue type DEXTRIN

Substrates : E B & C Flute

These machines  are capable of mounting a full coverage label to a corrugated blank as well as a limited position spot label. In most situations they can mount a spot label to a finished RSC carton on one or two panels crossing the score if required. Although the sheet size is limited to 45“x66”, our LB – 115 machine can accept a much longer corrugated blank of approximately 120”. Both machines use dextrin cold glue which allows us to remove the label if a problem occurs. This dramatically reduces corrugated waste as the blanks can be reused. The run speeds of these machines vary based on the size of the label but will average approximately 3000 to 6000 per shift.

Die Cutter


Bobst 1575 EEG Auto Platen Die Cutter 

min. sht. Size 17“x24”

max. sht. Size 41“x62”

Substrates: E B & C Flute

This machine was purchased in order for us to offer matrix based die cutting services. The addition of matrix to the die cutting procedure reduces the chances of cracking on scores. It is especially helpful when the label or top sheet has a darker, heavy coverage background or when fold registration is paramount to the products end result.

Semi Automatic Straight Line Gluer


King Vita semi  automatic 

straight line gluer 

max throat width 71” 

Glue type  WR-3701RB COLD

Substrate: E B & C Flute

This machine is excellent for shorter run jobs (15000 & under). It is a good relief machine for your folder gluer projects that might be clogging the schedule. Very quick set up, and excellent results. We will unitize the product with poly strapping,  palletize, 4-way band and tag to your specifications as well as stretch wrap for secure shipping.

UV Flatbed Printer


Teckwin  Teck storm TS 300R

Media max size 59”x98”  

Image max size 48”x96” 

Media thickness max 2”

This is a high quality UV flatbed printing unit with a resolution of 800x1600. The ink configuration is CMYK-LC-LM-W. It offers white underlay printing in order to print full color directly onto kraft corrugated. This machine works in conjunction with our Data-Tech cad table to produce very short run projects at an affordable price for the customer. With this machines UV curing capabilities it can print on an array of different substrates including wood and glass.

Auto CAD Table


Data Technology auto cad table DT9066

Max. sht. Size 96”x82” 

max. cutting area 90”x66”

Substrate: SBS / E B & C Flute / Double wall

This machine is utilized for sample making and short run cartons and displays. It works in conjunction with the Teck Storm flatbed UV printer in order to produce an affordable alternative to the offset printed labels and top sheet production which is usually reserved for longer run scenarios. Quantities can range anywhere from one to approximately 250 units before it is viable to look at offset production. Of course this always depends on the finished size of the final product.